European Youth Event (#EYE2016)

Graffiti wall at the European Youth Event in the European Parliament seat in Strasbourg, France.
On 20-21 May 2016, the European Parliament in Strasbourg opened its doors once again and welcomed 7,500 young Europeans, who had a unique opportunity to meet and discuss with European decision makers. Participants were encouraged to come up with their own ideas for how to improve Europe under the event's slogan: "Together we can make a change". EYE2016 featured hundreds of engaging activities, such as debates, hearings, workshops and digital games, all centred around five themes:
  • War and peace: Perspectives for a peaceful planet
  • Apathy or participation: Agenda for a vibrant democracy
  • Exclusion or access: Crackdown on youth unemployment
  • Stagnation or innovation: Tomorrow's world of work
  • Collapse or success: New ways for a sustainable Europe
As follow-up to the event, a team of young reporters coordinated by the European Youth Press drafted a comprehensive report, which outlined 50 of the most substantial ideas that were raised under the five themes. The report included exclusive interviews with speakers, MEPs and participants, a series of infographics, graphs and social media content, as well as a political commentary from the European Youth Forum. The ideas showcased in the report were circulated to all MEPs. In addition, participants presented and debated their ideas within ten parliamentary committees in the months after the event.

European Youth Event 2014 (#EYE2014)

The EYE2014 event took place in the EP premises in Strasbourg on 9-11 May 2014
EYE2014 took place at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 9-11 May 2014, and served as a platform for participants to share their ideas and opinions on issues such as youth unemployment, the digital revolution, the future of the EU, sustainability and European values. The three-day event attracted more than 5,500 young participants, 400 speakers and dozens of supporting partners and youth associations.

In an effort to collate and highlight the ideas put forward by the young participants, the European Youth Press, the European Youth Forum and over one hundred journalists who covered the event put together a final EYE2014 report, which was subsequently made available to new MEPs and was intended to serve as a source of inspiration, as well as a guide to the hopes and concerns of Europe's youth. In addition, participants had the chance to present the most concrete ideas suggested by young people during the EYE to seven parliamentary committees and receive feedback from European policymakers.