EYE2018 includes a wide range of activities in English, French and German run under the motto “The plan is to fan this spark into a flame.” (Hamilton, My Shot)

The activities centre around five main themes:
  • Young and old: Keeping up with the digital revolution
  • Rich and poor: Calling for a fair share
  • Apart and together: Working out for a stronger Europe
  • Safe and dangerous: Staying alive in turbulent times
  • Local and global: Protecting our planet
The two-day event offers:
  • A wide range of activities with political decision makers and inspiring personalities on the European stage
  • Concerts and artistic performances, so you can experience the rich cultural variety that Europe has to offer and have lots of fun
  • The YO!Fest, organised by the European Youth Forum, taking place outside the Parliament's buildings

Timing of activities

  • Friday, 1 June - activities (including the opening ceremony) start at 10am and finish at 7pm
  • Saturday 2 June - activities start at 9 am and the last debate of the event - the closing session - finishes at 7pm
Cultural evening activities from 8pm onwards, will take place on both days outside the Parliament premises and in the city of Strasbourg.

During both days, every participant will be able to attend 3 to 4 activities, booked in advance, and attend more activities without booking at the Yo!Fest, outside the Parliament premises. Hence, it is in your hand to define the start and end of your EYE experience - and to adapt it to your travel plans!

YOUNG AND OLD: Keeping up with the digital revolution

Open book

Instagram: @cinnaavox

The digital revolution affects everyone, regardless of age, and, importantly, regardless of whether you decided to be influenced by it or not! That's why the first theme discussed during the event will be exciting, inclusive and informative.

RICH AND POOR: Calling for a fair share

old house

Instagram: @stephaneguillot

The EYE2018 welcomes high-flying youth from across the continent to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Another intriguing, relevant topic on how to ensure a fairer share of the benefits of today's globalised world awaits you!

APART AND TOGETHER: Working out for a stronger Europe

Hands touching

Instagram: @st_tirano

Inspirational young speakers coming from across the continent, will come to the European Parliament in Strasbourg to speak on the third theme of the EYE2018, which surely is at the heart of the European project.

SAFE AND DANGEROUS: Staying alive in turbulent times

Person in the water

Instagram: @AndyHendrata

The EYE2018 welcomes leading young experts from across the continent to the European Parliament in Strasbourg to discuss security in all its nuances. Another intriguing topic to focus your mind on!

Local and Global: Protecting our Planet

woman in a forest

Instagram: @mikecleggphoto

What needs to be done to preserve our home planet? It's a burning question, which will be addressed at the EYE2018 by young people, with the aid of experts in the field. Read more to find out who they are.


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