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How to take part

The next edition of the EYE will take place on 28-29 May 2021.

Participation in the EYE is free of charge, but participants need to cover their travel and accommodation expenses.

Participants are young people who are between 16 and 30 years old.

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Accessibility and environment

Parliament in Strasbourg
The EYE strives to promote equality, inclusiveness and sustainability with a strong commitment to accessibility for everyone. The aim is to accommodate the needs of all participants, including persons with disabilities, and to implement actions that make the event more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The EYE is in process of obtaining ISO 20121 certification for sustainable event management. 

The European Parliament recognises that it has a duty to make a positive contribution to sustainable development as a long-term goal, not only through its political role and its role in legislative procedures, but also in the context of how it operates and the decisions that it makes on a day-to-day basis. Parliament works continuously since 2006 on reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused by its activities, and has achieved significant emission reductions in the past 13 years.

These efforts will continue and even intensify in the future. In addition, every year Parliament offsets its irreducible emissions through acquisition of carbon credits, i.e. support for emissions reduction projects elsewhere. Combined with its "reduction first" approach, this makes Parliament carbon neutral.


Youth Ideas
Youthideas.eu is an online platform where young people can outline their own ideas on the issues that Europe is facing today and their ideas for the Europe of tomorrow.

All young people are also invited to share their ideas about the European Parliament's initiatives for youth such as the European Youth Event, the European Youth Seminars, the European School Ambassador Programme and the Charlemagne Youth Prize.

Once an idea gets published on the website, other users can like and comment on it, which might result in a lively exchange that will help adapt, shape, and define ideas further.

Most questions include links to background information provided by the European Parliamentary Research Service.

Youth ideas are used to enrich the programme of the biennial European Youth Event (EYE), and are also an inspiration and input for other youth initiatives of the European Parliament. Moreover, the most concrete ideas will be forwarded to the Members of the European Parliament and other policy-makers, inviting them to join the debate right here.