Fortifying democratic institutions

The European Parliament assists national parliaments and regional assemblies beyond the EU's borders.

Support programmes generally strengthen the principal functions of parliaments:
  • making laws,
  • scrutinising and overseeing the executive,
  • representing citizens.
Photo of two women voting, seen from behind

Voting in the European Parliament © European Union (2017) - European Parliament

These parliaments are selected by the Democracy Support and Election Coordination Group (the DEG) according to the Comprehensive Democracy Support Approach (CDSA).

The European Parliament establishes an ongoing dialogue with these legislatures, sharing best practices and supporting their participation as fully-fledged members of the democratic community. The aim is to create joint ownership of customised support programmes for MPs and civil servants.

Programmes usually focus on the following activities, which may be organised in the European Parliament, in the priority country/region or in EU Member States:
  • conferences, seminars and workshops on specific topics that allow MEPs to highlight best practices for MPs in partner parliaments,
  • study visits, which enable MPs and staff in partner parliaments to become acquainted with the work of the European Parliament and to meet key MEPs,
  • fellowship programmes, intended for the staff of partner parliaments and aiming to build the capacity of their institutions.
Additional programmes are dedicated to more specific topics, such as fighting misinformation and "fake news".