Cooperation with universities

The universities training interpreters are the most important partners when it comes to securing the availability and quality of skilled interpreters. Although overall responsibility for interpreter training lies with Member States and Universities, the EP interpretation service may provide assistance in this important task.

Where a course meets the required standards and the linguistic profile of the students matches the recruitment needs of the Parliament, the efforts of universities may be backed up by providing pedagogical or financial support in the form of grants.

There is a wide range of measures aiming at one goal - to prepare the most talented students for the profession of conference interpreter.

Current activities include:

  • Virtual master classes and e-learning
  • Participation of experienced staff interpreters at final exams
  • Seminars for course leaders and trainers
  • Grants for the organisation of post-graduate courses in conference interpreting and projects aimed at supporting interpreter training
  • Students' visits to the European Parliament

Experienced interpreters can also give advice on practical matters to universities wishing to improve their programmes and provide information on competencies required to pass the accreditation test.