Pedagogical assistance

While the general responsibility for training lies with the educational institutions of the Member States, the interpretation services of the European Parliament engage in a practical cooperation with universities to offer pedagogical assistance, promote knowledge transfer and help bridge the gap between academic training and the real-life requirements for conference interpreters in international organisations.

The benefits of this cooperation are twofold: graduates have better opportunities for recruitment after their studies and the interpretation services of the Parliament can count on highly skilled graduates to fulfil their recruitment needs and sustain the multilingual services.

The different types of pedagogical support offered encompass:

Virtual master classes

Virtual Classes are videoconferences where experienced interpreters from both the European Parliament and the Commission observe and assess the performance of interpreting students. They allow students to practise interpretation of speeches similar to those required at EU accreditation tests and get first-hand feedback and advice from experienced interpreters of the European Institutions.

There are two types of virtual classes:

  • Multilateral Virtual Classes are videoconferences and/or web-streamed classes organised by the European Parliament in co-operation with up to three universities. The performances are assessed in Brussels by staff interpreters from the European Parliament, the European Commission and other international organisations.
  • Bilateral Virtual Classes are videoconferences with one university at a time, where students are assessed by EP staff interpreters offering expert input. There is usually one observer from the European Commission.

Universities must be equipped with a videoconferencing system to participate in this kind of coaching.

Virtual classes require detailed scenario planning and close cooperation between the participating Institutions and universities. Participating students should be selected according to their potential and language combination.

Participation of EP staff interpreters at final exams

Seminarium Programme

Seminars for course leaders and trainers

Passerelle Programme