They defend our freedoms

To mark the 30th anniversary of the prize, the Parliament together with four Magnum photographers present stories of today's human rights activists.

The photo project titled "They defend our freedoms" is an immersive journey in the daily lives of two women and two men fighting for human rights in Cambodia, Tunisia, Ethiopia and Bosnia Herzegovina.

Asma Kaouech, Tunisia

by Newsha Tavakolian

Asma Kaouech, Sakharov Fellow

© Newsha Tavakolian / Magnum Photos, 2017

The Iranian photographer Newsha Tavakolian portrays the work of Asma Kaouech in preventing Tunisian youngsters from radicalisation. In her 25 photos she reveals the struggles and hopes of the new generation of Tunisians, in the aftermath of the 2011 revolution.

Ameha Mekonnen, Ethiopia

by Eric Canaj

Ameha Mekonnen, Sakharov Fellow

© Enri Canaj / Magnum Photos, 2017

Enri Canaj is behind the camera that follows the work and life of the Ethiopian lawyer Ameha Mekonnen. Former public service employee Ameha is now at the head of Human Rights Council, an organisation that defends the right for journalists and bloggers to express their opinions freely.

Jadranka Miličević, Bosnia-Herzegovina

by Bieke Depoorter

Jadranka Miličević, Sakharov Fellow

© Bieke Depoorter / Magnum Photos, 2017

The work of the Belgian photographer Bieke Depoorter reveals in 25 still frames the deep intimacy behind the daily work of Jadranka Miličević.  A former refugee of the Balkans War fled in 1992 from Sarajevo to Serbia, Jadranka has founded two NGOs - Cure and Care- to help women victims of violence and discriminations.

Samrith Vaing, Cambodia

by Jérôme Sessini

Samrith Vaing, Sakharov Fellow

© Jérôme Sessini / Magnum Photos, 2017

The experienced eye of the French photographer Jérôme Sessini follows the daily work of Samrith Vaing in Cambodia in supporting the fight of Bunong's ethnic minority against the land grabbing from multinational companies. Sessini communicates the essential of these lives through the use of black and white.